Serving Peru, Illinois Area since 1848


Maze Lumber has been providing fine millwork and molding to the Illinois valley since 1848. We also know that a fine wood requires a fine finish!

To ensure a top quality finish on these products, we also provide the finest in stains and finishes. With the variety of wood finishes on the market today, it is sometimes tough to really separate the quality from the mediocre. Maze is proud to carry 3 different lines of top quality stains.


SuperDeck & DuckBack (Usually in stock)

Duckback Products was founded over thirty years ago by a handful of people with a simple idea: formulate a superior exterior stain that would both beautify and protect their wood decks, siding, fences and other outdoor investments. These "Ducks" as they called themselves were committed to making extremely high quality coatings that would protect wood from harsh ultraviolet rays and shed rainfall like water off a duck's back. The Ducks shunned the stability that established businesses could provide, preferring the risk of a start-up that would allow them to create a culture founded on innovative thinking and the freedom to create new, unique products in a staid industry. Year after year, the products proved their performance on multi-million dollar wood sided homes and decks. Word of this performance spread quickly and the Ducks knew they were on to something. Today the company continues on with its culture of innovation, creativity and excellence of both products and service. Whatever your outdoor coatings needs are, Duckback has the quality products to meet and exceed them.

Old Masters (Usually in stock)

At Old Master they have the distinct pleasure of producing some of the finest stains and finishes available. They think they're the best. And although they won't solve international problems like world peace, they have limitless capacity to solve your staining and finishing dilemmas. And they don't just fix problems. They have the ability to spark your imagination. No, we haven't bottled creativity, but we're certain once you see what our products can do, you'll be dreaming about your next project. Above all, our products work harder and last longer. We're driven by this statement: the most expensive product you'll ever buy is the one that doesn't work. We're inspired to create products that work right the first time.

Penofin (Special Order)

In 1979, a small group of investors bought the Penofin Company and moved to California. Manufacturing improved from a garage in Denver to a warehouse in Sacramento. The small but determined band of entrepreneurs, professionals in their own fields, painstakingly made and packaged their product with the crude but clever apparatus the scientist had designed. They worked nights and weekends for two years, until, finally, in June of 1981, they contracted with a paint company to manufacture Penofin for them. The consumer immediately received Penofin as an innovation in wood finish technology.